Queenstown – Kids’ Report

By September 17, 2018 Ski, Travel Stories
Jack Simmon and Maddie Ward - The Remarkables

This week, I thought I’d let my littlest of friends write about their ski trip to Queenstown, New Zealand.

Jack Simmon (12) … This was my second ski trip to Queenstown so I got to practice jumps, rails, technique and backward skiing. I love the adrenaline just before skiing up a big jump. It is such a good feeling.

I loved making friends at ski school and learning about where they are from at lunch time. The instructors knew really cool tricks and were really good teachers.

The best thing to eat for dinner after a big day skiing, is a Fergburger and chips. There is always a line up but the wait isn’t really that long and it is really worth it. Some people recommended we try Devil Burgers, which were nice, but I didn’t think they were as good as Fergburgers.

I had delicious pulled pork hawker rolls and sticky ribs at Madam Woo’s one night.

It was snowing one morning on our way to the Remarkables. It was the first time I had seen it actually snowing. It was so cool.

James Ward (7) … In Queenstown, I got to go snowboarding for the first time. I really loved snowboarding because there was big jumps and fun boxes to practice tricks on. My instructor, Oscar, taught me how to do cool tricks.

If we got there before the chairlifts were open, I would walk as far up the hill as I could with my snowboard to start snowboarding straight away!

I really liked Cookie Time because I got to have a really big chocolate milkshake. It was so big I couldn’t finish it.

Where we stayed at the Sofitel, we got free hot chocolates with marshmallows after snowboarding each day.

It was the best family holiday!

Madeleine Ward (5) … My favourite thing was to ski down the mountain really fast! I made lots of friends in my lessons and I liked making snowballs with them in our lunch break.

I really liked the lunches at ski school, especially the shepherd’s pie! My instructor always let me have two hot chocolates, she was really nice.

I made a snowman called Olaf with Jack and Jimmy.

There was a cool busker in Queenstown whose dog could sing, we gave him some coins to buy dog food.

After dinner one night we had really yummy French crepes with banana and Nutella.

At the Remarkables Sweet Shop, they let you taste all the different types of fudge. They had lots of different lollies. It was my favourite shop.

I can’t wait to go back next year!