Rebecca: Rocky Mountaineer

By August 12, 2019 August 15th, 2019 Canada, Rail Journeys, Travel Stories
Rebecca Duff

Rocky Mountaineer by Rebecca

This week I’ve handed the reigns to Rebecca, this is her report on the fabulous Rocky Mountaineer.

The Rocky Mountaineer is the luxury tourist train which takes guests on an amazing rail journey through the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

I am very fortunate to have just recently returned from this luxurious journey where I enjoyed some of the most breathtaking and varied rail scenery found anywhere in the world.

The Rocky Mountaineer carves its way through otherwise inaccessible terrain.  It is a unique way to experience the scenic valleys, spectacular white-water rapids, dramatic canyons, soaring mountains and luxurious pine forests which are just stunning.

With four unique routes to choose from, the unforgettable all-daylight journeys offer a front row seat within arms-reach of stunning snow-capped mountains, alongside rivers, through quaint mountain towns, lush green forests and turquoise glacier-fed lakes.  Guests are fortunate to experience all of nature’s raw beauty on full display.

I experienced the route from Vancouver to Lake Louise which takes two days with an overnight stop in the township of Kamloops.

In the Gold Leaf Service guests will enjoy the best of the best.  The full dome windows give an unparalleled panoramic view from the upper level of the custom-designed, bi-level coach.  The luxurious reclining seats are very spacious and more than comfortable.  The large outdoor viewing platform allows guests the opportunity to step out into the open and soak up the mountain air.

A literal red carpet is rolled out to welcome guests upon arrival, giving the hint that you’re about to embark on something special.

Exquisite three-course meals at breakfast and lunch are included, Gold Leaf guests experience fine dining and attentive service in the exclusive lower-level dining room.  The menu is la carte and the on-board executive chefs use fresh, seasonal ingredients to create meals that are inspired by the regions that are travelled through.  Complimentary beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and gourmet snacks are also served throughout the journey.

Travellers can ride the Rocky Mountaineer during the spring, summer or autumn.  In the spring you can witness the wilderness coming to live.  The snow is melting and flowers bloom, new growth is evident everywhere, but without the crowds of summer tourists.  Summer brings longer, warmer days and wild creatures great and small come out to play.  In the autumn the leaves begin turning colour and hints of frost begin to touch the peaks of the mountains.

The Rocky Mountaineer is a very special journey in one of the most beautiful settings in the world. This truly is a journey that must be travelled, I can’t recommend it highly enough.